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  • USI 3566


    USI 3566

    The VT Vendor is a two zone/two temperature vendor. This provides for two temperature zones (top and bottom) in a single vendor. The zones are separated by a moveable air deflector and insulating barrier. The vendor has an air duct that runs up and down...

  • USI 3517


    USI 3517

    Features: 10 Selections of Snacks 10 Selections of Candy 20 Selections of Drinks (Cans/Bottles) LED Lighting iVend Delivery System to ensure product delivery MDB Capable to allow CC Reader (Sold Separately)  

  • USI 3561


    USI 3561

     Soda, Juice, Water, Sandwiches, Salads and other cold food vending machine.  Perfect for small spaces!  A versatile refrigerated vending machine offering a wide selection fresh food, beverages, and snacks. Vends up to fifty selections...