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  • Royal RVV-500

    Royal RVV-500

    The Royal 650 Drink Machine has 10 selections with 12 columns enabling you to double up on two good sellers   Additional Machine Features: Positive drive vend mechanism Package flexibility without shims, adjustments, and kits Cabinet...

  • Royal 282

    Royal 282

    The Royal control board is reliable and operator-friendly.  It provides a key function, a "positive vend system", also known as a "guaranteed delivery system".   A delivery chute sensor detects a product as it is delivered (meaning the...

  • Royal 552

    Royal 552

    Machine Features: Cold Drinks Multi Price Merlin 2000 Accepts Coins Accepts $1 Bills 8 selections Flat Front 552+ 12oz Cans Multi-pricing-each selection from $0.00 to $99.99 Digital display of price, credit, and sold out 2 second product...

  • Royal 650 Royal 650

    Royal 650

    This fully refurbished Royal 650 soda machine is one of the most attractive soda machines you'll ever discover. It can vend both 20oz bottle and 12oz cans and it is an excellent choice for any location because of its durable construction.  The Royal...