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About ASI


Automated Services International, Inc. is one of the vending industry’s largest and most highly regarded distributors of quality vending machines, micro markets, coolers, and office coffee service equipment.

ASI was founded in 1997,  but its real beginnings commenced in 1975 when the company President, Joe Loparco, first went into business for himself.  Joe was working in Chicago at the time, and the impetus for “taking the plunge” came from one of the industry’s most distinguished citizens, Frank Gumma, Sr, Chairman of American Vending Sales, and one of Joe’s early, and thankfully ongoing, mentors.

So, like so many people in this industry, Joe rented a storefront location with a small, detached garage, hired an experienced street mechanic, paid a visit to his friend Vic Lavay at Vending Times to get the most definitive, pre-internet operator data base available, got on the phone and made some calls, then jumped on a truck to start making the rounds.  No cell phones, no GPS, just hit the streets and try to make it happen.


Nearly 45 years later, much has changed, but even more remains the same.


1)      We still work out of garages, but they now encompass 45,000 square feet of space on both coasts.

2)      We still rely on our experienced and dedicated mechanics to put out a machine we can be proud of, and that our customers can buy with confidence, not only in the quality, but also in the after-sale support.

3)      We still are only as good as our word, and we still know that we can only build solid, long-term relationships by keeping it.

4)      We still go about our business the old fashioned way, by phoning, by stopping by for a visit, by supporting NAMA and a number of state associations, while at the same time utilizing many cutting edge technologies that help us to convey our messages efficiently and without taking up too much of our customer’s valuable time.

5)      We’re still a family owned and operated business, largely dealing with people that are cut from the same cloth.  We’re sensitive to the challenges that they face, and we know that it’s our job to support them.

6)      We still know that our ability to do so is the absolute key to our success.


So,  to those of you with whom we already enjoy a working relationship, we thank you; to those of you with whom we have not yet had that opportunity, we look forward to the privilege of serving you.